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Thermometer Pocket

Catalog No. Cone Approx. Stem Length Make inquiry Product Image
AL1043.01 14/23 45mm Inquiry thermometer_pocket
AL1043.02 19/26 45mm Inquiry

Air Leak Tube/Gas Inlet Tube

Catalog No Cone Make inquiry Product Image
AL1045.01 14/23 Inquiry air_leak_tube_gas_inlet_tube
AL1045.02 19/26 Inquiry
AL1045.03 24/29 Inquiry
AL1045.04 29/32 Inquiry

Simple Glands with cap

Catalog No. To fit Stirrer Shaft Cone Make inquiry Product Image
AL1046.01 6mm 14/23 Inquiry simple_glands_with_cap
AL1046.02 6mm 19/26 Inquiry
AL1046.03 6mm 24/29 Inquiry
AL1046.04 6mm 29/32 Inquiry
AL1046.05 6mm Inquiry

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