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Soil Cement

Alpha Labchem, a well reputed name in the field of Material Testing, Instrument, offers you long range of Instruments / Equipments to be used by engineers, technicians, geologists, agronomists, educational institutsions, contractors and others concerned for testing and analysis of Soil, Cement, Concrete, Aggregate, Bitumen, Survey & General Laboratory Equipments.
Alpha Labchem, a well reputed name in the field of Material Testing Instruments, offers you long range of Instruments/Equipments to be used by Engineers, Technicans, Geologists, Agronomists, Educational Institutions, contractors and others concerned for testing and analysis of soil. The instruments described here points out a unique characteristics of the soils field : testing equipment used in professional laboratories is identical to that used in many educational laboraties.
For those entering the feild the great advantage is faster learning and elimination of two sets of skills and standards. Alpha Labchem brings you a wide range of products available for work in the Soils, Cement, Concrete, Aggregate, Bitumen, Hydraulic, Glassware and General Laboratory Testing feilds.

Alpha Labchem believes in quality control and every Instrument/Equipment is manufactured strictly as per ISS or BSS specifications.

The sales service is attended to by our Quality Engineers having knowledge and expriences in use of modern techno equipments.

Alpha Labchem welcome your enquiries for price, delivery quotations etc. and will feel privileged if you keep this name on your regular mailing list; enquiries regarding items not mentioned in this list are also welcome.


Alpha Labchem products ranges are:

  • Soil
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Aggregate
  • Bitumen
  • Survey
  • General Laboratory
  • Sieves

Core Cutting Machine Compression Testing Sieve Shaker
Marshall Stability Test App. Universal Testing Machine Penetrometer

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