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Algae Collection

Algae CollectionDescription :-
Shows four principal classes of algae: green, blue-green, brown, and red algae.
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BryophytesDescription :-
Specimens consist of Marchantia, Anthoceros, Porella, and Sphagnum.
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General Fungi

General FungiDescription :-
Five specimens represent three classes of fungi: Rhizopus (Phycomycetes), Peziza (Ascomycetes), bracket fungus, mushroom, and wheat rust (Basidiomycetes).
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General Lichen

General LichenDescription :-
Collection includes foliose, crustose, and fruticose lichens specimens.
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Horse Tail

Horse TailDescription :-
Specimens of vegetative and reproductive shoots of equisetum illustrate the jointed stems and ribbed texture of this genus.
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Marine Algae

Marine AlgaeDescription :-
Collection includes Sea Lettuce, green algae, and two species of brown algae.
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