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Category Archives: Micro Biological Media

Culture Media Mases

BI667 Beef Extract Powder BI670 Bile Salts BI672 Bile Salts Mixture (Equivalent to Bile Salt No.3) BI674 Bio Peptone(Mixture of Casein and Meat Peptones) BI676 Brain Heart Infusion Powder BI678 Casein Acid Hydrolysate BI679 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Technical BI677 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Certified, Sodium chloride less than 3% BI682 Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate Type-I (Tryptone) BI684…

Readymade Stains and Reagents

Simple stains for Bacteria BA001 Carbil Fuchsin(ZN Dilute) BA002 Eosin, 2% w/v BA003 Gentian Violet BA004 Malachite Green, 1% w/v BA005 Methylene Blue(aqueous) Stains for Acid Fast Staining and Stains for Bacterial and Bovine Cells in Milk BA010 Newman’s Stain, Modified Stains for Blood Filma for Spirochaets, Protozoa and Other Purposes BA011 Giemsa’s Stain BA012…

Ready-To-Use Culture Media

Solid Media in Petri Dishes BR004 CLED Agar BR006 MacConkey Agar BR007 Nutrient Agar BR011 Sabouraud’s Agar BR013 Salmonella Shigella Agar BR014 Tetra Plate (Four Different Media in one Single Plate) N.Agar, M.Agar, Blood Agar, S.S. Agar N.Agar, M.Agar, Blood Agar, Mannitol Salt Agar N.Agar, M.Agar, Mannitol Salt Agar, Brain Heart Infusion Agar N.Agar, M.Agar,…

Plant Tissue Culture Media

Plant Tissue Culture Anderson’s Rhododendron Medium w/30g Sucrose & 10g Agar per litre, without IAA & 2IP Gamborg’s Medium with all its modifications Gerbera Multiplication Medium with all its modifications Knudson Solution-C Medium, with 20gm Sucrose per litre, without Agar Modified White Root Culture Medium with 20gm Sucrose per litre Murashige & Skoog Medium with…

Animal Tissue Culture Media

Tissue Culture Media BME (Basal Medium Eagle) with Earle’s Salts and its all modifications BME with Hank’s Salts and its all modifications BME without salts & Sodium Bicarbonate Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium Base (DMEM) and its all modifications Fischer’s Medium with L-Glutamine, without Sodium Bicarbonate Glassgow’s Modified Eagle Medium and its all modifications Iscove’s Modified…

Dehydrated Culture Media

OUR PRODUCT RANGE For the past several years ALPHA LABCHEM has been concentrating deeply on the exploration of microbiology. We are chiefly motivating our activities on » Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Testing Laboratory Sterility Testing B011 Alternative Thioglycollate Medium B990 Clausen Medium B168 Dextrose Peptone Broth B044 Fluid Thioglycollate Medium B040 Soyabean Casein Digest Medium (Tryptone Soya…

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