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Centrifuge Laboratory

Special Features :- This is a versatile centrifuge most suitable for doctors, pathological laboratories and other users. A wide range of rotors and other accessories make this centrifuge ideal for most applications. The features include solid state speed controller, indicator lamp, see-through acrylic lid. Supplied without head. Works on 220 V,50 Hz. Send us an enquiry

General Purpose Lab Centrifuge

Special Features :- Easy Lid lock, Stepless speed regulator, Safety Fuse, Elegant front panel. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adaptors, this unit is truly versatile Send us an enquiry

High Speed Lab Centrifuge

Special Features :- The equipment is provided with speed control, digital temperature control cum indicator, digital timer with a range of 0-99 minutes and alarm at automatic switching off, dynamic brake, zero start interlock, safety cut off in case of imbalance and lid locking switch etc. Send us an enquiry


Special Features :- This range of are used for low volume centrifuging applications. The unit is provided with stepless speed control, speed indicator and timer Send us an enquiry

Microprocessor Research Centrifuge

Special Features :- his range of centrifuges are environment friendly equipment provided with CFC free cooling system, Brush less induction motor, Programmable microprocessor control for pre-setting RPM with a range of 100 to 20000, RCF Temperature ranging from 10 o c to 40 o c, Timer with a range of 1 to 120 minutes and Acceleration/Deceleration time. Functional displays include RPM Indication by default, RCF by selection, remaining time, working chamber temperature, lid lock status, rotor imbalance etc. Send us an enquiry

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