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Civil Engineering Testing Equipment-3

Abrasion Testing Machine

Description :-
The air permeability tester is an equipment usually used for quick and accurate determination of air permeability of almost all types of flat materials and foam cubes. In the textile industry, they are widely used to test the air permeability of airbag fabric and significantly open non-woven and forming fabrics. The machine can also be used to test air permeability of dense papers.
Salient Features:

  • The instrument is easy and simple to use.
  • It has a small size and is mobile and can easily be used in the production area.
  • It can work both automatically and digitally.
  • Provided with a powerful vacuum pump that fetches air through an interchangeable test head having a circular opening.
  • For the purpose of measurement, the test head is installed on the instrument.
  • The test specimen is placed on the test head opening by compressing the clamping arm, which in turn stars the vacuum pump automatically.
  • The vacuum pump is closed down by compressing the clamping arm second time leading to the release of test specimen.
  • Flow of air through the test sample is calculated via a variable fissure.
  • Air permeability of the specimen under test is obtained from the pressure drop in the fissure and is displayed digitally.

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Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

Description :-
The equipment is used to process various types of woven and knitted materials including cotton, wool, ramic, acrylic, polyamides and their blends under atmospheric conditions.
Salient Features:
The important features of the equipment are:

  • The machine is easy to use and functions with the help of angular nozzle and totally floating square pipe.
  • Provided with a detachable full basket.
  • The machine features superior and even dyeing with low tension and accurate rinsing system.
  • The machine is supplied with low tension volumetric soft nozzles.
  • Suitable for atmospheric dyeing of fabrics like polyester, cotton, woven & knitted fabrics.

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Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester

Description :-
Also known as Hydrotester, the machine is largely used to quickly and accurately determine the water penetration resistance of coated, uncoated and non woven fabrics. The machine works on automatic mode and can also be used to test water penetration resistance of plastic foils.
Salient Features:

  • The equipment is provided with an electronically controlled pump that creates the required pressure for the test in an internal water tank.
  • The tank is connected to a test head, where the test specimen is placed with the help of a lever.
  • The test pressure is automatically controlled, once the test is starts.
  • The test process terminates when water penetrates the test sample at three different positions.
  • A digital display unit displays the penetration pressure or penetration time at the end of the test.

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Bursting Strength Tester

Description :-
The instrument is used to determine the bursting strength of textile fabrics. Bursting strength of a material is defined as the hydrostatic pressure required to produce rupture of a material when the pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm. It is actually strength of a material under multi-directional force. The instrument is used for testing bursting strength of materials like leather, paper, etc.
Salient Features :
These equipment find a wide application in the following areas:

  • The specimen to be tested is held between two annular locks or clamps under optimum pressure to eliminate chances of slippage.
  • There is a continuous spiral groove at the upper clamping surface. There are a number of concentric grooves on the lower clamping surface.
  • There is a circular diaphragm made of gum rubber that is fixed between the lower clamping plate and a pressure cylinder.
  • There is a motor driven cam mechanism in the machine which increases fluid displacement on the lower side of the diaphragm at a specific rate.
  • Provided with a digital pressure gauge with peak memory that indicates the maximum pressure achieved before failure of the test specimen.

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Color Matching Cabinet

Description :-
Color matching cabinet is an equipment designed for the visual evaluation of shade and color differences under standardized and controlled lighting conditions.
Salient Features :
There are various features of color matching cabinets. Some of its important features are:

  • The equipment offers controlled and reproducible lighting conditions.
  • There is a wide viewing area.
  • Suitable for all applications, that demands color consistency and quality.
  • It makes use of multiple light sources or lamps to detect the phenomenon of Metamerism, where samples appear to match under one light source but are distinctly different under another.
  • Various light sources used includes: artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, ultra violet black light, triphosphor fluorescent light.
  • Provided with individual lamp operating hour counters.
  • The apparatus is available in various designs and specifications according to buyers needs across Asia, Europe & Asia.

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Description :-
Crockmeter is an equipment widely used in the textile industry to test colour fastness of textiles particularly, printer fabrics to dry or wet rubbing. The primary function of the crockmeter is to examine colorfastness of fabrics to crocking, that is, the rubbing off of dyes from a fabric surface onto another surface.
Applications :

  • Textile Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Leather Industry
  • Fabrics Industry

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Die Cutters & Die Cutting Machines

Description :-
Die cutters & die cutting machines are used for processing woven cloth, non-woven textiles and rubber sheets. Their vital function is to convert web or sheet materials into shapes. They are widely used in laboratory applications.
Applications :
These are widely used in many applications. Some of its common applications are:

  • Textile Industry
  • Rubber Industry
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Research & Development

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Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Description :-
The equipment is widely used in textile industry to determine pilling and fizzing properties of almost all types of fabrics. The instrument can be used to determine the resistance to the formation of pills and other related surface changes on textile fabrics. The equipment finds application in all types of woven and knitted apparel fabrics.
Salient Features:
These synthesizers are widely used in many fields. Some of the areas where they find their application are:

  • The instrument is available in two models: two chambered and four chambered.
  • Provided with digital timer control along with an automatic test shutoff.
  • The equipment provides test results under controllable conditions to compare with end-use performance of a fabric.
  • There are clear viewing doors for observing the test.
  • Supplied with cork liners, adhesive, cotton silver and ASTM photographic standards.
  • There is an in-built air injection system.

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Steaming Systems

Description :-
The steaming system is a mechanical device mainly used to carry out all types of steaming processes in the textile industry. They are also ideal for pad steam and wet-to-wet processes.
Salient Features:
These synthesizers are widely used in many fields. Some of the areas where they find their application are:

  • Provided with a steam chamber for holding the fabric.
  • The steaming chamber is highly durable and is made of stainless steel. The sides of the chamber are insulated.
  • There is a double glazed inspection window in the steaming chamber.
  • The system provides minimum distance between the padder and the steam chamber.
  • The system is provided with two padding rollers.
  • The steaming system is suitable for pneumatic pressure application.
  • The equipment is provided with adjustable fabric speed control.
  • There is a chemical trough equipped with automatic spray washing facilities.
  • The instrument is provided with a water sealed bath along with temperature regulator for automatic cooling control.

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Tear Strength Tester

Description :-
Tear strength tester is an instrument used to test the tear strength of textile fabrics. The tear strength defined as the force required to start or continue a tear in a fabric under specified conditions. Determining the tear strength of fabric is very important.
Salient Features:

  • The equipment consist of a falling pendulums to cover various measuring ranges.
  • Provided with cutting templates, cutting knife and board for preparing sample for the test.
  • There are start and stop safety solenoids to hold the pendulum at the beginning and end of each test.
  • The tear test parameters include tearing strength, peak load and median load.

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Textile Dryers

Description :-
A textile dryers is a device that is basically used to remove moisture from a chamber. Dryers are extremely useful in the textile industry for drying and setting fabrics. They play a major role in the process of textile production. Almost all solvent and water-based textile inks can be cure-dried in the dryers.
Salient Features:
These synthesizers are widely used in many fields. Some of the areas where they find their application are:

  • Consists of infrared heating panels along with heat resistant Teflon coated belt.
  • Height of the heating panels inside the chamber can be adjusted.
  • Provided with a temperature controller for maintaining optimum temperature.
  • There are adjustable belt speed controllers.
  • All the components of textile dryers are made of stainless steel.
  • There is an exhaust system to expel the moisture.
  • The machine makes use of jet-air knives and hot air to fully cure the textile ink in the process of eliminating evaporates through the exhaust system.

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Yarn Friction Tester

Description :-
Friction testing of yarn is very important in textile processing. It plays a major role in weaving efficiency and in the performance of the final fabrics. Yarn friction tester is widely used to test the friction characteristics of fiber yarn. Generally, frictional behaviour of yarns made from different spinning system is effected by their surface structure.
Friction between fibers in a yarn is a basic property effecting the characteristics of a textile product during all stages of production and use. Besides that different physical or chemical properties of yarns tend to impart different surface characteristic and different friction behavior.
Salient Features:

  • The equipment provides fast and accurate reproducible measuring results.
  • The yarn specimen to be tested is drawn over a friction body at a definite speed and angle.
  • The tensile force is calculated before from this friction body.

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