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Culture Media Mases

BI667 Beef Extract Powder
BI670 Bile Salts
BI672 Bile Salts Mixture (Equivalent to Bile Salt No.3)
BI674 Bio Peptone(Mixture of Casein and Meat Peptones)
BI676 Brain Heart Infusion Powder
BI678 Casein Acid Hydrolysate
BI679 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Technical
BI677 Casein Acid Hydrolysate Certified, Sodium chloride less than 3%
BI682 Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate Type-I (Tryptone)
BI684 Casein Enzyme Hydrolysate Type-II (Equivalent to Casitone)
BI686 Cholic Acid, Sodium Salt (Sodium Cholate)
BI687 Gelatin Peptone
BI309 Heart Infusion Powder
BI690 Lactalbumin Hydrolysate
BI691 Liver Extract Powder
BI692 Liver Hydrolysate
BI693 Liver Infusion Powder
BI694 Malt Extract Powder Pure (for Microbiology)
BI696 Meat Extract
BI698 Meat Infusion Powder
BI699 Meat Peptone
BI704 Ox Bile, Dried, Purified (for General purpose)
BI706 Ox Bile
BI707 Peptone
BI709 Peptone M Equivalent to Mycological Peptone
BI710 Peptone Special Equivalent to NeoPeptone
BI712 Peptonized Milk (Suitable for Lactobacilli, Yeasts and Molds)
BI714 Proteose Peptone
BI715 Sodium Cholate
BI716 Sodium Deoxycholate
BI717 Sodium Taurocholate
BI720 Soya Peptone (Papaic Digest of Soyabean Meal)
BI682 Tryptone (Enzymic Digest of Casein Type-I)
BI684 Tryptone (Enzymic Digest of Casein Type-II)
BI083 Tryptone T Type III (For Tetanus Toxin)
BI109 Tryptose
BI119 Yeast Autolysate
BI126 Yeast Extract Powder

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