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Fluid Machines

Cubes Metal, 10mm

Description :-
Set of six, comprising brass, lead, iron, copper, aluminium, and zinc. Supplied in wooden case.
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Cylinders Metal

Description :-
30 mm. high x 10 mm. diameter .

Type Weighing cap.
.01 Brass
.02 Lead
.03 Iron
.04 Copper
.05 Aluminum
.06 Zinc

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Density Ball

Description :-
Density ball is used demonstrate the effects of temperature and mineral content on density. The metal ball will float in cold water, and sink in hot! The density of water is not constant but depends upon several factors. The effects of salinity and temperature play a large role in the flow of earth’s ocean currents. The Density Ball can be used by varying salt content as well as temperature, to show the effects on density.
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Set Of Springs

Description :-
With diameter 13 mm approx. and flexible length between 10 – 20 cms with hooks on both sides.

.01 Set of 4 different pieces
.02 Set of 6 different pieces
.03 Set of 12 different pieces

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