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Friction Testing Equipment

Friction Apparatus

Description :-
The Friction Apparatus is mainly used for taking fundamental measurements of interfacial friction and wear at a molecular level. The apparatus is widely used in the fundamental study of interfacial friction at the nanoscale by researchers in various universities and industries.
The apparatus can also be used to determine the energy requirement for initiating a sample by the application of friction energy. Solids, liquids as well as powders can also be tested using this apparatus. There are various other uses of the apparatus depending on the field of application.
Friction apparatus is used for various purposes and it commonly used in the following areas:

  • Friction Sensitivity Tests
  • Industrial Products & Materials
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Surgical Applications
  • Semiconductors
  • Electrical Motors
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research & Development

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Friction Tester

Description :-
Friction tester is an equipment commonly used to test frictional features of various materials in dry or lubricated interacting motion contact. Friction testers can be used to test a wide range of materials including metals, composites, ceramics, polymers, fluid lubricants, greases, cutting fluids, coatings, etc.
Salient Features:

  • Available in various configurations like ball on flat, pin on flat and cylinder on flat contact area.
  • There is arrangement for electronic control of temperature, frequency and stroke length.
  • The equipment requires small specimen size or sample for testing.
  • Custom configurations are available for the equipment.
  • Provided with necessary software for record and graph test results.

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Description :-
Mu-Meter is a continuous friction measuring and reporting system, mainly designed for testing airport runways, taxiways and road surfaces.
Salient Features:

  • The Mu-Meter consists of a small three-wheeled trailer and an electronic measuring systems that operate in conjunction with a computer carried in the chosen towing vehicle.
  • The equipment features a sturdy design.
  • Features like fully shock absorbed suspension, aerodynamic fairings; and low centre of gravity ensure that the laterally loaded wheels remain in firm contact with the road surface at all times, even at high speeds.
  • The equipment is light weight.
  • The equipment is powered by battery and is a single switch controls the forward and reverse operation.

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Description :-
Skiddometer is an equipment designed to measure airport runway friction. The apparatus measures the maximum possible friction produced in the runway instead of only skidding friction.
Salient Features:

  • The equipment can be hauled behind an existing work vehicle. Care should be taken not to hard wire the unit with the vehicle.
  • Some skiddometers are provided with Integrated Water System (IWS) for effective friction testing.
  • IWS system can hold 325 gallons of water, that enables large areas to be tested without having to refill the water source.

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