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Gear Testing Equipment

Gear Inspection Machines

Description :-
This machine is used to test a wide range of gears and cutting tools. They are constructed using proven ring design principles to provide ultimate reliability, accuracy and ease of operation.
There are various models of gear inspection machines available in the market. This machine is provided with an extended tail and an axial slide that creates a large space for testing wide variety of gears and cutting tools.

  • Automobile Industry
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Aerospace
  • Marine & Shipping Industry

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Gear Roll Tester

Description :-
Gear roll testers are precision testing machines that are largely used for testing internal or external gears.
Salient Features of Roll Tester :
Gear roll testers have many different features, which make them suitable for testing different types of gears. Some of its important features are:

  • Roll testers are have a sturdy constructions and are designed using graded cast iron castings for durability.
  • They are provided with various characteristics to test different types of gears like bore type, spur and helical gear, integrated shaft gears, cluster gears, etc.
  • These equipment feature sensitive floating carriage mechanism, loading and unloading time, low setting, and direct reading dial gauges that are ideal for testing various types of gears and gear diameters.
  • Gear roll testers for testing cluster gears possess features like bell crank type machines, cluster roll testing against all mating gears at a time, reduced loading, unloading, setting times, etc.
  • Roll testers are sometimes combined with a dual spindle device where the test gear is meshed or run against a master gear.

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Optical Comparator

Description :-
Optical comparators are instruments that cast a magnified image of a part on a screen for comparing with a standard profile or scale. These are non contact devices/instruments that function by producing large or magnified images of gear parts and components. These instruments also display the image on a glass screen with the help of an illumination source, including lenses and mirrors with the sole objective of making 2-D measurements. They are popularly used to measure, gage, test, inspect gear parts for compliance with certain standards and meeting specifications.
Application :
Some of the popular applications of optical comparator are:

  • Research & Development laboratories
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Medical Applications
  • Metrological Analysis

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