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Inverted Tissue Culture

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Medical to Research Use

Observation Head 45-degrees inclined Binocular head interchangeable with Monocular or Trinocular observation head.
Nosepiece Quadruple revolving turret nosepiece with positive accurate click stops.
Stage Oversize plain stage 180 x 150mm with 2 extension plates 150 x 65mm for large bottles and microfilter work.
Illumination Based on Koehler’s system is provided by a post-mounted high intensity 6 volts 20 watts Halogen illuminator.
Objectives Achromatic 5x, 10x, LWD-20x & LWD-40XSL.
Eyepieces HWF 10x (paired) with eye guards.
Model ATC-99 Same as ATC-6, with Trinocular head.
Model ATC-8 Binocular head with phase attachment. Objectives: 4x,PH 10x, PH 20X & LWD PH 40X. Eyepieces: WF10X (paired) & Telescopic eyepiece.

Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope

Medical to Research Use

rtc-8ATC-8 Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope with Phase Attachment : Binocular Microscope with quadruple revolving nosepiece, equipped with Radical Binocular Head assembled from coated prisms and best quality optical components having full prismatic optical path, large specimen stage with extension plates, coarse and graduated slow motion knobs, variable intensity controlled built in base solid-state transformer, fitted with 6V 20 watt Halogen bulb, illumination, based on Koehler’s system, imported phase contrast equipment having following optical combination with arrangements, in a storing cabinet. Objectives:4x, PH 10x,PH 20x & PH 40x. Eyepieces: WF 10x (Paired) & Telescopic Eyepiece.
 Model ATC-8
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Advanced Inverted Tissue Culture

Medical to Research Use

ATC-7 Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope in laboratory is widely used in many fields, such as Biological Medicine, Environment Protection etc. LWD Plan Achromatic Objectives & LWD Plan Achromatic Phase Contrast Objectives. LWD Condenser Inverted Structure. Specially suitable for living cells culture and observation. Can be equipped with Photograph attachment, CCTV & Record Attachment
Model ATC-7
Optional Accessories for Inverted Tissue Culture Microscopes
RTCA-1 Side Coaxial Mechanical Stage.
RTCA-2 With low positioned co-axial mechanical stage with three different aperture plates.
RTCA-3 Biothermy Heating Stage, add extra.
RTCA-4 Dark Field Condenser Attachment (alongwith darkfield condenser).
RTCA-6 Spare Eyepieces WF 15x Paired.
RTCA-7 Spare Eyepieces WF 20x Paired.
RPM-9 Photomicrography Equipment. Comprising of 35mm reflex type imported camera, microscope adapter, bayonet mount, cable release, periplan eypiece P6x & a standard lens for field photography.
RPM-99 Photomicrography Equipment with side view finder: Suitable for photomicrography to get 100% light transmission with focussable eyepiece to give exact picture size focussing. All other specifications as per Model No. RPM-900

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