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Laboratory Equipments


Description :-
Abbe’s refractometer, Accessories for Ftir/Hplc/Hptlc, Active response Apparatus, Activity cage(Actophotometer-digital) Adjustable stand, Aeration tube (oxygen tube), Aerator vibrator type, Aerosol Disinfector, Aesthesiometer, Agate mortars & Pestles, Aggrossometer, Air curtains, Air sampler, Alarm ringer timers, Albuminometers, All glass distilation apparatus, Aluminium collapsible tubes, Aluminium lab wares, Aluminium seals, Amppoule clarity test equipment, Ampoule filling, @ Sealing machine, Ampoule washing machine, Ampoule glass empty, Anerobic culture jar, Analgesiometer mark-1/2/3/4. Analytical balance, Analytical weight boxes, Anatomical specimen, Andersons apparatus, Animal cages(PP/PC), Animal holder for mice & rats, Animal house requisites, Antibiotic zone reader, Arm plethysmograph mercurial treatment, Arterial cannula, Aseptic cabinet, Atomic model sets, Audiogenic test chamber, Audiometer, Autoclave, Automatic razor sharpener, Automatic tissue processor.


Description :-
BM,R,Apparatus, B.O.D. incubator digital, B.P.App.(sphygmonanometer), Backmann apparatus(M>W), Balance for weighing small animals, Balance torsion type, Ball mill (Motor driven), Batch printing machine, Beckmann thermometer, Binocular microscope, Blender, Blood bank instruments, Blood cell counter, Blood lancets, Bone cutter, Bossheads, Bottle driers, Bottle filling machine, Bottle for animal cages, Bottle sealing machine, Bottle washing and brushing machine, Brookfield viscometer, Brushing unit, Buchner filters, Bulk density apparatus, Burette clamp, Burette stand, Burners.


Description :-
Camera lucida prism type/mirror type, Cannulas-symes,venous,others, Capsule filling machine, Capsule counter, Car apparatus, Centrifuge machine, Charts-pharmacognosy, Charts for perimeter, Charts for spirometer, Chemical balance, Chloroscope, Chromatography chamber, Chromatography sprayer, Clamps, Clarity test equipments for ampoules, Clevengers apparatus, Clinical thermometer, Coatingpan, Collapsible tube crimping and sealing machine, Collapsible tube filling machine, Colloidal mill, Colony counter, Colorimeter analogue/digital, Coloured laminated photographs for medicinal plansts, Columbia obstruction box, Combustion flask, Concavity slides, Conductivity meter digital, Conical percolator glass, Conical percolator s.s., Continous hot extraction equipments soxhlet, Contraceptive device, Cooks pole climbing response apparstus, Copper waterbath, Cork borer set, Counting chamber, Couplers for physiographs, Cover slips and slides blue star, Crucible tongs, Cuvettes-UV silica/OG(optical glass), Cyclomixer.


Description :-
D2lamps for spectrophotometer, Dales organ bath, De-dusting machine, Dean and stark apparatus, Deepfreezers, Dehumidifier, Delta standard for GC/HPLC. Demineraliser, Dialysis membranes, Diamond point pencils, Digital display multiple choice apparatus, Digital ph meter, Digital polarimeter, Digital steainess tester, Digital thermometer, Digital telethermometer, Disintegrator-motor driven, Dispensing balance, Display time apparatus, Disposable membrane filters with holder, Dissecting tray, Dissecting instrument set, Dissecting microscope, Dissolution rate test apparatus, Distillation equipment, Double cone blender (mixer, Double unit organ bath with thermostate, Dressing drum, Drop recording assembles, Drum mixer, Dynamometer,


Description :-
E.C.G.Machine, Eddys hot plate digital, Electrical balance single pan dhona, Electro convulsiometer, Electrodes all, Electronic metronome, Electrophoresis appartus, Elemental analyser, Empty gelatine capsule, Ergoraph, ESR westergreen tubes, ESR blood sedimentation apparatus, ESR stand, Exhaust fans, Eyepiece micrometer, Eyepieces,


Description :-
F.T.I.R.Spectrophotometer, Film strip projector, Filter pads, Filter apparatus, Filter holder, Filter papers whatman/kalpi, Filters press, Filters pump, Filteration equipments, First aid equipments with box, Flame photometer, Flicker fusion apparatus, Flow cup viscometer, Fluid bed dryer, Forceps-s.s., Fortins barometer, Freezedryer, Freezing point apparatus, Friability test apparatus, Frog board, Frontal writing lever, Fume hood.


Description :-
Gas chromatograph, Gas plant, Gas smoking burner, Gas taps, GC-MS, Glass plates for T.L.C. Glucometer-digital, Goochcrucible, Granulating sieves, sets,


Description :-
H.P.L.C. Columns, H.P.L.C. instrument, H,P.L.C. SOLVENT, H.P.T.L.C.instruments, Haemocytometer, Haemoglobinometer (Haemometer), Haemometer pipette, Haemometer tube-round/square, Halogen lamps, Hand grinding mill, Hand operated tablet machine, Hand sugar refractometer, Hand tally counter, Heart clip-s.s., Heating mantle, Hebb-williams maze, Histamine chamber, histological permanent slides, Hollow cathode lamp, Homogenizer tissue, Honning stone, Horn spatulas, Hospitals wares, Hot air oven, Hot and cold air blower, Hot plate, Human models, Human physiology chart, Human skeleton, Humidifier, Hygrometer.


Description :-
Ice making machine, Imported researchinstruments, Incubator, Incubator B.O.D.digital, Infra red moisture balance, Innoculation hood aseptic cabinet, Instrument sterlizer s.s., Ishida laboratory balance,


Description :-
Jack laboratory,Jumping box,


Description :-
Karl fischer titration apparatus, Kerosene smoking burner, Kjedhal digestion and distillation units, Kymograph, Kymograph papers.


Description :-
Label guming machine, Laboratory blenders, Laboratory centrifuge, Laboratory counter (Blood cell calculator), Laboratory jacks, Laboratory mill willey type, Laboratory roller mill, Laboratory thermometer, Lacquer porosity test apparatus, Lactometer, Laminar air flow bench, Laminated coloured photographs of crude drugs, Lancets, Landsbergers apparatus, Langendroffs assembly , Laserpointer, Levers all, Lipstick moulds, Liwuid filling machine, Liquid and filling products, Long paper smoker & varnisher, Lovibond comparator, Lozenges board roller & punch, Luxmeter, Lyophilizer,


Description :-
Magnetic stirrer, Manometer, Marriots bottle, Maximum & Minimum thermometer, Mechanical sifter, Mechanical stirrer, Mecker burner, Medical instruments, Medical plants transparencies (Projection slide), Medipoint blood lancet, Melting point apparatus, Melting point tube thiels, Membrane filter holder PP/glass/s.s., Membrane filters, Metabolic cage, Metronome, Mice holder, Microfiltering assemblies PP/ glass/s.s., Micro pipette, Microslides, Microscope, Microscope with oil immersion, Microtome, Microtome knife, Mitutoyo vernier caliper japan, Mixing vat with stirrer, Molecular weight determination apparatus, Mortars and pestile, glass/porcelain, Motor driven disintegrator, Muffle furnace, Multiple choice apparatus,


Description :-
Nebulizers, Nerve Muscle assembly.


Description :-
Objectives, Occular Micrometer, Oil immersion lens – 100x, Ointment slab, Ointment sparula, Operation table for small animal/rat,frog,dog, Opthalmoscope, Organ bath, Organbath double unit, Organ tube, Otoscope, Ovens, Overhead Projector, Oxygenflask,


Description :-
Packing materials, Paper chromatography cabinet, Paraffin embding bath, Partical size determination apparatus, Passive avoidence response Apparatus, Pathology instruments, Penicillin bottles, Percolators (glass/ss) , Perimeters, Periodic table chart, Peristaltic perfusion pump, Permanent slides-Histological slides, Pestle and Motors (glass/porcelain), Petridishes (anumbra), Ph meter digital, Pharmacognocy charts, Photoelectric colorimeter digital, Physical balance and weight box, Physiograph, Physiological kit, Pill cutter, Pill cutting machine, Pill extruder, Pinchcock, Plain L stand, Plain stand, Planetary mixer, Plastic wares, Plasticine, Platform balance, Platinum crucible & tong, Platinum loop holder, Plethysmograph water treatment/mercurial tratment, Pocket testers ph etc, Pointer eyepiece, Polarimeter, Polarimeter tube Polarograoh, Poleclimbing apparatus cooks, Polishing pan, Polygraph, Polyrite-4/8 channels, Porcelainware, Potentiometer digital, Potentiometer titration apparatus, Powder & mass mixer, Powder filling machine, Powder sampler, Powder sampler, Power supply, PP/ropp/saline bottle sealing machine, Prescription balance (dispensing balance), pressure cookers, Projection screen/map/stand, Projections slides, Pulveriser(motor driven disinitegrator),


Description :-
Quartz distillation assembly, Quartz transparent laboratory ware.


Description :-
Rabbit cages(SS), Rabbit holder wooden/ss, Rat metalbolic cages, Razor sharpners automatic, RBC pipette, Recording lever, Refractometer abbes, Refractometer digital, Rafractometer hand, Reserviors, Respiration pump, Retinoscope, Roller mill, Rotarod for rats and mice shaft, Rotary shaker, Rotary vaccum evaporator, Rotor perfusion pump,


Description :-
Schoinger microcombustuion flask, Scissors, Scoops s.s., Screw clips & pinchcock, Seed germinator, Seitzfilters, Shaking machine, Sherrington recording drum, Shock chamber, Shock generators, Sieve shaker machine, Sieves set, Sifter, Sigma mixer, Silica lever, Single pan balance dhona/kroy, Sintered glass filters, Skeletons, Slide cabinet, Slide projector, Slide warming table, Small disposable membrance filters, Smoking stand, Sodium press, Sodiu m vapour lamp, Soxhlet extraction heater, Soxhlet hot extraction apparatus, Spatulas, Spectrophotofluorometer, Spectrophotometer, Spheroidizer, Sphygmomanometer (B.P. app.), Spirometer, Sprayer for chromatography, Stabilimeter, Stage micrometer, Stalgnometers, Starling heart lever, Steadiness tester, Stereotaxic instruments, Sterility test unit, Sterilizers, Stethograph, Sththoscopes, Stimulators, Stop clock, Stop watches, Student isolated organ bath, Student kymograph, Student microscope, Student nerve musle assembly, Student physiograph, Student physiologycal kit, Student polarimeter, Suppository mould, Surgical instruments, Swimming test apparatus plus activity wheel, Symes cannula,


Description :-
T cannula, T.L.C. kit, Tablet coating pan, Tablet counter, Tablet didusting machine, Tablet disintegration test apparatus, Tablet friability apparatus, Tablet hardness tester (monsanto/pfizer/digital) Tablet machine (electric/handoperated) Tablet polishing pan, Tablet triturate moulds, Tap density test apparatus, Teflon wares, Telethermometer digital Test sieve (sieve set), Test tube shaker (vortex mixer), Thermometers, Thermostatic organ bath, Thermostatic water bath, Thiles melting point tube, Time apparatus, Tincture press, Tissue flotation bath, Tissue homogeniser, Tonometer, Top pan balance, Torsion wire for L.R. BALANCE, Transuders for physiograph, Transparencies of Medicinal plants (porjection slides), Tray drier, Triple beam balance, Triple roller mills, Tripod stand, Tube crimping & sealing machine,


Description :-
U.V.inspection box (U.V.cabinet), U.V.spectrophotometer, Ultrasonic cleaner, Ureometer, UV pc software, software.


Description :-
V-cone blender, V.d.r.l. rotator, Vaccum filter holder glass/pp/ss., Vaccum pump, Varnishing tray, Venous cannula, Vernier calipers, Vial de sealing machine, Vial sealing machine, Vial , Viscometer brookfield, Viscometer college pattern/falling sphare, Viscometric bath, Volatile determination apparatus, Voltage stabilizer, Volumetric liquid filling machine, Vortex mixer,


Description :-
W.B.C. pipette, Warming coil for organ bath, Watch glasses, Water bath (thermostatic control). Water bottle for animal cage), Water deionization unit, Water still, Water taps, Wet & dry thermometer, Willey mill, Wintrobe tube, Wintrobe tube stand, Wire gauge, Wooden wares,


Description :-
Y-maze, Yerkes brightness descrimination apparatus,


Description :-
Zetameter, Zoom Stereomicroscopes,

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