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Microscope Accessories

Microscope Accessories

AA-1 Camera Lucida (Prism Type): This instrument is a simplified version for tracing the image of microscopic specimens on plain papers. It fits on the eyepiece tube of all standard microscopes. Supplied in a velvet box.
AA-2 Camera Lucida (Mirror Type): The instrument is equipped with a fine quality beam splitting glass prism, which causes the image of the object to appear as if super imposed upon the plain paper, so that the drawing can be traced thereupon. The instrument is supplied in a velvet box.
AA-3 Double Demonstration Eyepiece: The instruments is equipped with high quality optical components. It ensures perfect vision to both the observer and sub-observer. It’s conveniently located fine pointer covers the entire field, being visible to both viewers for easier demonstration. Supplied in a velvet box.
AA-4 Phase Contrast Attachment: All Advanced Research Microscopes can be supplied with imported Phase Contrast attachment having following combination:- Phase Objectives : 10x, 20x, 40x & 100x Eyepiece : Telescopic Complete with Phase Turret condenser having assembly at different angular positions.
AA-4A Phase Contrast Attachment (Regular): A simple phase contrast consisting of a Phase Slit Ring with a green filter, a Telescope eyepieces & 3 phase Contrast Objectives PH10x, PH20x and PH40x.
AA-5 Dark Field Attachment: Consist of Dark Field Condenser and 100X (Oil) with iris diaphragm.
AA-6 Biotherm Heating Stage for Microscopes.
AA-7 Detachable Graduated Mechanical Stage.
AA-8 Two Lens Abbe Condenser: N.A.1.2 with iris diaphragm and filter holder.
AA-9 Microscope Reflector: 50mm diameter having plane and concave sides.
AA-10 Micrometer Eyepiece: 10X with Helix focussing having reticle 10/100
AA-19 Straight Tube for Photomicrography.
AA-20 Wooden Storing Cabinet with Lock for different Microscopes.
AL-1 Sub-Stage Microscope Lamp: Workable on direct 220 volts AC/DC mains. Bulb 15 Watts, with off/on switch. Bakelite metal body with blue filter (Recommended for all Student & Medical Microscopes).
AL-2 Sub-Stage Microscope Lamp: Interchangeable base illuminator, fitted with 6 volts 20 watts halogen bulb with top condenser. Supplied with variable light control transformer (Recommended for RM-600 Series Microscopes).
AL-2A Exclusive Sub-Stage Lamp: Illuminator designed on Koehler’s principle with iris-diaphragm, condenser unit and bulb having provision for centering the light, complete with variable solid state light control transformer. Recommended for all types of research work, dark field, phase contrast, photo micrographic examination etc.
AL-3 Universal Microscope Lamp: Designed on Koehler’s principle with moveable condenser, iris diaphragm, two filters and solid state light control transformer. The lamp is fitted on a round table stand.
AL-4 Microscope Lamp: Movable condenser iris diaphragm, 2 filters fitted on a round table stand. Supplied with variable light control transformer.

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