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Ready-To-Use Culture Media

Solid Media in Petri Dishes

BR004 CLED Agar
BR006 MacConkey Agar
BR007 Nutrient Agar
BR011 Sabouraud’s Agar
BR013 Salmonella Shigella Agar
BR014 Tetra Plate (Four Different Media in one Single Plate)

  • N.Agar, M.Agar, Blood Agar, S.S. Agar
  • N.Agar, M.Agar, Blood Agar, Mannitol Salt Agar
  • N.Agar, M.Agar, Mannitol Salt Agar, Brain Heart Infusion Agar
  • N.Agar, M.Agar, Blood Agar, CLED Agar

Liquid Media

BR016 MacConkey Broth(5ml) (Single strength)


Amino acids and related chemicals

BI197 DL-Alanine, Purity-Approx. 99% (DL-Aminopropionic Acid)
BI445 L-Alanine, Purity : approx 99%
BI460 Amino Acid Kit (for Biochemistry)
BI019 L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Purity : 99%and L-Arginine, Purity : 99%(BI018)
BI215 L-Aspargine, Monohydrate (Crystalline)
BI493 DL-Aspartic Acid and L-Aspartic Acid Crystalline(BI494)
BI054 L-Cysteine Hydrochloride, Purity : 99+%
BI055 L-Cystine Free base,Purity : 99+%
BI303 L-Glutamic Acid
BI075 L-Glutamine (Tissue Culture Grade) and L-Glutamine (BI076)
BI580 Glycine A.R.
BI080 L-Histidine, Free Base & L-Histidine Hydrochloride, Monohydrate (BI310)
BI596 Hydroxy-L-Proline (4-Hydroxy-L-Proline), Crystalline
BI084 DL-Isoleucine and L-Isoleucine (BI085)
BI093 L-Leucine
BI098 L-Lysine Hydrochloride
BI105 DL-Methionine, Purity : Approx 99.5% and L-Methionine (BI106)
BI123 DL-Phenylalanine and L-Phenylalanine, Purity : Approx 99-100% (BI362)
BI135 L-Proline, (Hydroxy-L-Proline Free)
BI384 DL-Serine and L-Serine (L-1-Ammino3-Hydroxy Prpionic Acid) (BI385)
BI165 DL-Threonine, Allo Free and L-Threonine Allo Free(BI414)
BI168 DL-Tryptophan and L-Tryptophan(BI169)
BI175 L-Tyrosine
BI176 DL-Valine and L-Valine(BI177)

Carbohydrates and derivatives

BI443 Agar Powder, Purified
BI002 Agar Powder, Bacteriological
BI003 Agar Powder, Extra Pure
BI195 Agarose, EEO 0.23-0.26, Gel Point (1.5%)-36oC. Gel Strength (1.5%) > 600, Sulphate < 0.35%, for Gel and immunoelectrophoresis
BI016 D-Arabinose
BI489 DL-Arabinose
BI017 L(+) Arabinose
BI045 Cellulose Powder
BI283 Dextrin White, Bacteriological
BI058 Dextrin-White, Technical
BI059 Dextrose, (D-Glucose) A.R., Anhydrous
BI297 D-Fructose, for Bacteriology
BI576 D(+) Galactose
BI277 Dulcitol (Galactitol, Dulcite)
BI069 Gelatin, Extra Pure
BI307 Glycine A.R.
BI604 Lactose , Bacteriological Grade
BI429 D(+) Maltose,for Bacteriological
BI327 D(+) Maltose
BI328 D-Mannitol A.R.
BI329 D-Mannitol (Extra Pure)>
BI330 D(+) Mannose
BI626 D(+) Melibiose, Monohydrate
BI378 Pyruvic Acid, Sodium Salt (Sodium Pyruvate)
BI656 L(+) Rhamnose (6-Deoxy-L-Mannose Monohydrate)
BI140 D(-) Ribose, Purity : Approx 99%
BI141 Saccharose (Sucrose) Extra Pure
BI660 Salicin
BI391 Sodium biselenite (Sodium Hydrogen Selenite)
BI155 Sodium Thioglycollate
BI128 D-Sorbitol (D-Glucitol)
BI405 Starch Hydrolysed
BI423 D(+) Xylose Purity : Approx 99%

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