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Readymade Stains and Reagents

Simple stains for Bacteria

BA001 Carbil Fuchsin(ZN Dilute)
BA002 Eosin, 2% w/v
BA003 Gentian Violet
BA004 Malachite Green, 1% w/v
BA005 Methylene Blue(aqueous)

Stains for Acid Fast Staining and Stains for Bacterial and Bovine Cells in Milk

BA010 Newman’s Stain, Modified

Stains for Blood Filma for Spirochaets, Protozoa and Other Purposes

BA011 Giemsa’s Stain
BA012 Haematoxylin(Delafield’s)
BA013 Leishman’s Stain
BA014 Wright’s Stain
BA015 Malarial Parasite-Kit

Stains for Capsule Staining and Stains for Fungi

BA021 Lactophenol
BA022 Lactophenol Cotton Blue
BA024 Mayer’s Mucicarmine Stain

Stains for Gram Staining and Stains for Intestinal Protozoa

BA029 Lugol’s Iodine

Stains for Metachromatic Staining

BA030 Methylene Blue(Loffler’s)
BA031 Albert’s Metachromatic Stains Kit
BA034 Neisser’s Metachromatic Stains Kit

Stains for Negative Staining

BA037 Nigrosine Stain 10% w/v

Stains for Spore Staining

BA038 Schaeffer & Fulton’s Spore Stains Kit

Stains for Malignant Cells

BA041 Papanicolau-OG-6
BA042 Papanicolau-EA-36

Readymade indicator Solutions

Readymade Analytical reagent Solutions

Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Products

Testing Equipment

Scientific Equipments

Analytical Instruments

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